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Our dedicated Business Development Manager (BDM) will be pleased to visit you to discuss your business requirements. It’s their job to help you get the best out of the business relationship. They can assist you in growing your business and advise on the most appropriate tyres for your customer profile. They can organise in-house training for your fitters and staff in OE fitments, patterns, sizes, load and speed, and more.

Have you got a faulty tyre?

Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, flaws arise in the tyre manufacturing process. If you think you’ve been supplied a defective tyre you can request an examination, which we will be happy to handle. Here’s how it works:

1. First download and complete the tyre examination form – one per tyre you want to get examined

2. Armed with the completed form(s) call us on 0208 569 0090 to arrange for collection

3. We will collect the tyre(s) when we are next delivering to you, or in your area

4. The tyre(s) will be returned to the manufacturer for inspection. This can take up to 8 weeks.

Accessories Catalogue

We offer a wide range of essential tools and accessories which are available to order on-line or by phone. In addition, Universal Tyres and Spares are approved suppliers for Hoffman Megaplan and Beissbarth garage equipment.

Contact our office if you require advice or assistance in selecting equipment, and we will arrange to visit your premises and answer any queries.

Call us on 0208 569 0090 or email us on